Trade Partners

Trade Partners

Zydus is committed to providing low-cost, high-quality generics to the U.S. consumer while offering best in class customer service and supply chain excellence for our business partners’ success. Please find links to valuable information and resources about the generics industry and the entire line of Zydus products.

  • Return Goods Policy – A current version of the Zydus Return Goods Policy.
  • Medical Affairs – Contact information for Medical Affairs.
  • Order Requirements – Customer Service contact information and minimum order requirements.
  • Authorized Distributors – Current list of Authorized Distributors of Record.
  • Certificate of Compliance – A copy of our Certificate of Compliance with the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA).
  • Products – A complete list and information about products offered by Zydus in the US.
  • HDMA Sheets – A one-stop listing of all HDMA Sheets for Zydus Products.
  • SDS Sheets – A one-stop listing of all SDS Sheets for Zydus Products.
  • Resources – Helpful links that provide additional information about the generic industry and pharmaceutical products.

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Featured Products

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